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Jacob, carpenter
Jacob, a 28-year old carpenter, lives in the village of Brahabebome on the north western fringe of Kakum National Park with his wife and three year old son. He was born in this community and in addition to carpentry, which is his main business; he also rents and owns some land with cocoa trees, and also cultivates cassava and plantain.

Prior to his participation in the Microsfere project, Jacob used his limited earnings from carpentry to finance his farming activities, but he claims that the available funds were very limited. This is why he decided to join the Microsfere project. He has participated already in four loan cycles and has just received his fifth loan. He uses most of the loan to purchase the material required for his carpentry work (tools, wood, fabric). 

He specialises in home furniture (beds, sofas, armchairs) that he constructs in his workshop in Brahabebome and then transports to the nearby town of Twifo Praso for sale. It takes him about 3 days to make a small sofa; the cost for the inputs and the transportation amount to about 110 euros, and he sells it for 175 euros. 

Though he is very happy with his economic activity, he admits that it would be easier for him to actually live and work in Twifo Praso, so as not to have the hassle of transportation of his merchandise.