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Paul, fish seller
Paul lives with his wife Grace and their five children in the coastal village of Elloyin in the Amanzuri wetland. Prior to their participation in the Microsfere project, the household derived all its income from Paul’s tailoring activity.

Both he and his wife decided to participate to the Microsfere project about 4 years ago in order to diversify the incomes of their household. They registered a first time in the project in order to start a fishmongering activity, and used the loan to buy the required equipment (such as a barrel and mesh wire) and fresh fish which they smoked and then sold. Thanks to the benefits of this activity and to a second loan, they managed to purchase a freezer in order to also buy and sell fresh fish throughout the year.

His wife participated two years ago to the training for the creation of chorkor smokers that was proposed by Microsfere to all fishmongers. She then requested and got a loan to create a chorkor smoker that they have been using since to smoke the fish, thus abandoning the older and more inefficient ways of smoking fish.

Thanks to their various economic activities (tailoring, sale of fresh fish, sale of smoked fish), the family now manages to pay without any difficulty the school fees of the children, and has even managed to send the oldest child to university. Paul also tells us that they now have daily good meals, which was not always the case prior to the diversification of their activities. They also have concrete plans for the near future: they want to purchase a generator in order to address the problem of frequent failure cuts that may affect their freezer, and they also want to buy a second freezer in order to expand the fresh fish selling business.