Microsfere’s working philosophy is to try to create networks that allow to put together the know-how of existing institutions. Below you can find a description of our key partners for our two projects in Ghana.

Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission

The Wildlife Division (WD) of the Forestry Commission, under the Ghanaian Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines, is our key partner in the Kakum National Park.The Forestry Commission of Ghana, which was established by Act 571 of 1999,  is responsible for the regulation of the utilization of forest and wildlife resources, the conservation and management of those resources and the coordination of policies related to them.

The following agencies currently form the divisions of the Forestry Commission:

  • Forest Services Division
  • Wildlife Division
  • Timber Industry Development Division
  • Wood Industries Training Centre
  • Resource Management Support Centre

The WD is responsible for the management of 18 Protected Areas including 7 National Parks (one of which remains to be formally gazetted), 6 Resource Reserves, 4 Wildlife Sanctuaries (two of which are managed in collaboration with other stakeholders), 1 Strict Nature Reserve and 5 coastal Ramsar sites.

Ghana Wildlife Society

The  Ghana Wildlife Society  (GWS) is our key partner in the  Amansuri wetland . It is a non profit, non governmental organization. Its aim is to conserve Ghanean wildlife and biodiversity and to ensure a better environment and improved quality of life for people, through the following:

  • Initiating and supporting projects which address specific environmental problems.
  • Public awareness and conservation education programs.
  • Promoting the conservation of protected areas.
  • Encouraging research on wildlife and environmental protection and conservation.