Patience is 38 years old and has 5 children. She lives in the village of Kenkuase which is situated in the northern border of the Kakum National Park. She migrated to this village from the Eastern Region of Ghana with her family when she was a young girl.

Up until the last year, she used to work with her husband in the farm in order to grow cocoa, plantain and cassava, but thanks to the Microsfere project she started a small-trade activity of her own.
She used her 150 Ghana cedis loan (about 75 euro) to purchase yam and rice, cook it and re-sell it.
According to her “the project is benefiting our day to day trade activities because we get money to pay school fees, we are able to eat and get with ease on our day to day living.”
Thanks to her increased profits during the 1st loan cycle, Patience managed to save 30 Ghana cedis (about 15 euro).
She is now participating in the 2nd loan cycle, which allowed her to get a 200 Ghana cedis loan (about 100 euro) in order to further develop her small-trade activity.