Comfort, 43, lives with her husband and three of her children in one of the Kakum communities. Her other three children live with relatives in Accra. She is a cocoa farmer along with her husband, and also produces food crops such as cassava, plantain and yam. Those products are used to feed the family, while any surplus is sold through her petty trading business.

When the Microsfere project started in the area, she decided to join and diversify her activities, thus starting the petty trading business.

For her this business is quite important as it allows her to save; part of the savings are reinvested in the business, and part are used to cover the children’s needs related to school, such as uniforms, books, shoes, etc.

Comfort acknowledges that thanks to her participation in the Microsfere project she has managed to increase her revenues; she wishes though that the loan amount given were higher. In the last loan cycle she received 400 GHc (about 100 euro).